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3 Ways to get Your Commercial Roof Clean

Posted on: March 17, 2016


Have you ever thought about cleaning the roof of your business building? Dirt, debris, pollution, algae, moss, and mold frequently cause a roof to become dirty. It is important to regularly get your roof cleaned because the longer it goes untreated, the more damage it will cause. Regular roof maintenance goes a long way to preserve your roof and make it last.

There are a few different methods when it comes to cleaning your roof and it can be complicating when deciding which method is best for your business. Therefore, check out the three following roof cleaning methods with the advantages and disadvantages of each:


1. Eco-friendly and Low Pressure Roof Cleaning Method

This green roof cleaning method involves using safe, eco-friendly and non-bleach type products to clean your roof. Eco-friendly products do not contain toxic chemicals such as chlorine-bleach and phosphates which kill vegetation and pollute waterways. This effective low pressure cleaning method cleans ugly roof stains and does not use damaging high pressure scrubbing or brushing. Also, it does not cause damage to any landscaping around your business.

Pros and Cons: This method is typically more expensive since high quality eco-friendly products are being used to clean the roof while it and not causing any damage. The results are instant and algae, lichens and moss are completely removed by time the contractor leaves.


2. Bleach Roof Cleaning Method

The bleach roof cleaning method involves using chlorine bleach mixed with other chemicals such as trisodium phosphates to clean a roof. Roof cleaning contractors spray the roof with chlorine bleach mix and then they wait for it to dry and reapply it several times over again. It is not guaranteed that all stains will come off on the day of treatment and there might be some left over moss or lichens.

Pros and Cons: Although this method is less expensive than other roof cleaning methods, there are some major drawbacks to using chlorine bleach to clean your roof. Chemical bleach has an intense chemical odor and the toxic fumes can drift a block away. Bleach can pose harm to people and pets if they are exposed to the fumes or fluids. It also affects landscaping and causes permanent damage to plants, trees, grass and shrubs as well as pollutes watershed areas.


3. High-Pressure Power Washing Method

This roof cleaning method involves using high pressure power washing to remove roof stains. This method is the least recommended or beneficial out of all the roof cleaning methods. Not only can high-pressure power washing damage your roof, it also does not fully remove organisms that cause roof stains and leaves root systems behind.


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