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4 Mistakes Every Commercial Roofer Knows Not to Make

Posted on: March 28, 2016

4 Mistakes Every Commercial Roofer Knows Not to Make

Looking to replace your commercial roof without breaking the budget? When it comes to commercial roofing, there are alternative ways to saving money other than cutting corners. If commercial roofers are not careful, it can cost you both upfront and down the road. That’s why we find it important to highlight common mistakes every commercial roofer knows not to make.

Mistake #1 Not Considering Ice Damming

Ice damming occurs when melted snow refreezes at the roof overhang. This can lead to trapped water under shingles or roof finishing layers, causing leaks through roof deck joints and nail holes. Every commercial roofer should take climate into consideration, but it is surprising how many roofers tend to forget. By sealing off all areas where warm air leaks and adding enough insulation and ventilation, ice damming damage becomes easily avoidable.

Mistake #2 Failing to Check Product Warranties

Leaks can be caused by faulty products. That’s why every great commercial roofer understands the importance of product warranties. One way roofers can avoid this is by maintaining strong relationships with manufacturers. These relationships are priceless, as they can be a safeguard to a commercial roofing business, and can save money and hassle over time.

Mistake #3 Rushing Installation

In order for the job to be done correctly, it must not be rushed. When rushed, often times it’s easy to underuse caulking or fasteners when securing a roof. These minor details can unfortunately lead to major problems, such as buckling and leaks.

Mistake #4 Miscalculating Slope Guidelines

This is a big one. Every commercial roofer knows not to miscalculate the slope of the roof. In particular, commercial roofers need to pay attention to changes in the grading. The NRCA recommends a 4:12 minimum roof slope for tile, slate wood shakes and shingles, synthetic/fiber cement, and architectural metal panels.


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