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5 Facts About Cool Roofing

Posted on: August 04, 2015

Facts about cool roofingInstalling a cool roof is hardly an aesthetic choice for business owners—the goal is to alleviate heat and reduce energy consumption. Thanks to technology, cool roofs come in more colors than just white, so even if you do need to match a specific look, you can still choose a roof that reflects sunlight and radiates heat better than traditional dark roofing materials.

1.     Cool Roofs Can Cut Back on AC

Air conditioning can be a large operational expense for businesses during summer months, particularly during the heatwaves the Pacific Northwest has been experiencing this summer. GAF’s Executive Director of Building Science, Thomas J. Taylor, PhD, writes that a white roof’s cooling capacities can mean less need for AC, so you can spend less on a smaller unit that still keeps employees inside comfortable.

2.     Cool Roofs Come in Many Colors

You don’t have to choose between form and function with a cool roof. We install single-ply white commercial roofs on a variety of buildings, but there’s no need to choose white if you prefer a different color. There are darker shades of roofing material that have been specially designed to fight high temperatures. GAF’s Timberline® Cool Series Shingles come in natural shades and still combat the sun with reflective granules on the shingle’s surface. They’re even ENERGY STAR® qualified.

3.     Cool Roofs Can Help the Environment

Busier cities can generate more heat, as energy costs rise along with the mercury. This usage can lead to pollution and environmental concerns like “heat islands” and greenhouse gas. A cooler roof means a more comfortable building that requires less energy use from units like ACs and fans, which results in reducing overall pollution.

4.     Cool Roofs Can Aid Material Longevity

Heat and sun can cause roofing damage. The hotter the roof, the more likely the system is to break down quicker. Cooler temperatures can contribute to less damage and a longer lifespan for the system itself.

5.     Cool Roofing Products Aren’t Just Shingles and Membranes

To construct a total system designed to fight light and heat, look to products other than those on your roof’s surface. IKO has an underlayment made to retain less heat, thanks to its grey color.

Is keeping heat down a concern for your building? We can help craft a roof that will work the way you need it to—and last.



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