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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Roofing Contractor

Posted on: November 26, 2014

Standing seam metal roof

Standing seam metal roof

Choosing a roofing contractor can make or break your home improvement project. How do you filter through local contractors to find experienced, professional teams? We’ve culled five tips from organizations with industry know-how to help you identity a roofing company that’s committed to quality and integrity.


1. Work with certified teams only.

The National Roofing Contractors Association suggests confirming the roofing products a contractor is certified to work with. Many contractors may be familiar with a roofing system or material, but their installation team needs to be backed by the manufacturer’s installation standards. If the contractor isn’t manufacturer qualified, your roof and warranty could be compromised. Certified installers are also more familiar with the manufacturer’s warranty in order to answer your questions about it.

2. Make insurance an absolute must.

This tip is #1 for popular review site Angie’s List. Confirm that your roofing contractor has the appropriate and necessary insurance to complete work safely and legally. Angie’s List instructs not take a contractor’s word, but instead verify coverage with the insurance provider yourself. Without proper insurance, an on-the-job accident could cost a lot more than a new roof and involve you legally.

IKO roof

IKO roof

3. Conduct interviews first.

Roofing manufacturer CertainTeed emphasizes interviewing more than one roofing contractor before making any decisions. A hasty judgment could result in a poor quality addition to your home’s exterior, or worse. Take your time to ask questions that are important to you. When you’re unfamiliar with roofing systems, it’s in your benefit to research some of the materials and processes and compare them with what local roofing contractors offer. Don’t settle for a contractor or process that isn’t what you want, even if the price is competitive.

CertainTeed roof

CertainTeed roof

4. Ensure quality results.

The Federal Alliance for Same Homes (FLASH) advises making quality a priority by seeing what guarantees or quality assurance is available from potential roofing contractors. Who determines that the roofing project was a success, you or the contractor? What are the terms of the guarantee? How can you be sure your roof will be repaired or installed to your standards? These are important questions to ask. An ideal service will put you in control of the final approval. An example of this is Chinook Roofing & Gutters’ SEAL Program, where homeowners have access to photos of finished repairs.

Partial metal roof with solar system

Metal roof with solar system

5. Utilize referrals.

Many industry professionals attest to the importance of a roofing contractor’s reputation. Word of mouth is a great way to connect with roofers who have satisfied customers. If possible, choose a roofer based on referrals from family, friends, and co-workers. However, if you’ve recently relocated to a new area, you might not have the luxury of a professional network just yet—so utilizing these tips and consulting review sites like Angie’s List can generate recommendations. The United Association of Storm Restoration Contractors endorses asking roofing contractors for references too, and then seeing if they’ve serviced roofs on homes near you.

What questions do you have about your roofing project? Let’s talk about Chinook Roofing & Gutters’ commitment to customer service and quality. Find out how our installers can meet your needs. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have or that come up during your project.


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