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6 Perks of Metal Roofs in the Pacific Northwest

Posted on: January 12, 2016

6 Perks of Metal Roofs in the Pacific Northwest

In the Northwest, it’s not often you see a metal roof. However, this is not to say that metal roofs are not meant for the Pacific Northwest. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Heavy rains combined with a virtually water-resistant material make for an undeniably perfect match. Metal roofing is very detailed and labor intensive, but the added value can be worth it. In a sense it’s like finished carpentry and tends to cost 3 to 4 times as much as composition. Read on to discover the 6 perks of metal roofs.

1. Longevity

Metal roofs that are properly installed have a life expectancy of 40 to, some even argue,  60 years! In comparison, traditional asphalt roofing materials have an estimated life expectancy of roughly 12 to 20 years. This means metal roofs outlive composition roofs by about a factor of 4.

2. Durability

Metal roofs are as durable as they come. The integrity of a metal roof is not compromised by heat and sun like an asphalt shingle roof. Plus some metal roofs can sustain wind gusts up to 140 miles per hour. They will not crack or corrode, and depending on the metal you choose, may be impact resistant.

3. Weight

When one hears “metal” it’s often associated with the word “heavy”. Surprisingly, metal roofs are actually much lighter than asphalt composition shingles.  On average, metal roofs weigh 1.4 pounds per square foot, while composition averages 2 to 5 pounds per square foot. This light weight material is more efficient to install over existing roof materials without compromising the structure of the roof. This eliminates the need for engineering and building a supporting structure that will save you money and time.

4. Installation

Most metal roofs come in large panel sections, as opposed to small shingles. This can potentially make installation time shorter. However, keep in mind metal roofing is very-detailed and labor intensive. Think of it like finished carpentry.

5. Environmentally-friendly

Metal roofs are the best for the environment. To start with, about 95% of the material is manufactured from recycled content. Plus, they are 100% recyclable when they need to be replaced after your lifetime. Unfortunately, most shingle tear-off waste ends up in the building-related waste stream which accounts for up to 20 billion pounds per year.

6. Fire-Resistant

Metal roofs are extremely fire resistant and considered Class A, the most resistant to fire. A fire-resistant roof covering adds an enormous amount of fire protection to the structure of any building. Additionally, insurance premiums are generally reduced when one does invest in a metal roof.


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