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Adding Color to Your Roof

Posted on: January 29, 2015

If one of your projects this year is updating the look of your home exterior, why not consider adding color to your roof? While painting the exterior is an obvious choice, baby boomers are leading the trend of adding a splash of personality to their house by changing the color of their roof or adding a color, pattern or design to it. The color that’s expected to trend for 2015? Gray. All thanks to the baby boomers.

National color expert Kate Smith explains that today’s baby boomers are actually embracing “going gray” both in their hair and on their roofs. She says that, “Refined and elegant gray is not only accepted in today’s society, but an extremely popular choice.” Smith sees that the baby boomers have done a fair amount of soul searching and they put value on the simpler things in life, like time, relationships and privacy. This focus results in a simpler palette of colors.

“Complex patterns, intricate designs, mosaic tiles, embossed leather and decorated metals combined with weathered or toned down bright colors such as Frank Blue, Nifty Turquoise or Cranapple, visually help communicate our enthusiasm for life,” explains Smith. She suggests using these confident colors to add a touch to the exterior, like on a front door or trim. And to top it all off? Smith says, “The addition of a storm gray or classic gray polymer slate or shake roof overhead caps off this feeling of security and stability in the home.”

Because our CertainTeed Integrity roofing systems truly last a lifetime, we want to help you come to the best decision about style and color. It’s a permanent choice and we truly want you to love your new roof. We will take the time to help you design the curb appeal of your home.

Click here to engage with CertainTeed Color View. A comprehensive set of interactive tools that will help you visualize your dream home. Explore preset color combinations, roofing styles, and much more directly on your own home. The options are endless.

Click here to read the full article. If you have questions about your roof or are looking to renovate with a new roof and a new color, contact us to request a free estimate.

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