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Avoid Commercial Roofing Issues: Here’s How

Posted on: June 23, 2015

Avoid Commercial Roofing Issues

What problems are waiting at the top of your building?

Maintaining the roof on your business should be simple, but it’s often not. Avoid these commercial roof issues that happen all too often to business owners. Even if your new roof is performing perfectly now, learn what complications you should watch out for in the future.

Install A Thorough Drainage System

Puget Sound weather is known for moisture. Anticipate rains that could result in ponding water, causing big problems later. Calculating drainage or runoff water can be complicated. Flat (single-ply) roofs use flat roof drains, which must be installed correctly to be effective.

Insist on Manufacturer-Certified Contractors

It isn’t enough to be licensed and bonded. If you want a roof installed right, choose someone who’s an expert in the materials they work with. Chinook is manufacturer-trained in products like CertainTeed, so we can offer our customers the experience needed to troubleshoot any issues that arise with a particular roof. Correct installation also benefits your warranty—and incorrect installation can void it.

Start Maintenance Now

When should a successful maintenance program start? Within the year your roof is built. Maintenance is all about prevention, and if you ignore warning signs like lifted shingles, clogged gutters, and leaks, you’ll have added extra costs onto repairs.

Consider this scenario: you installed a new commercial roof this spring and recently had a new HVAC system installed. The HVAC contractor reported that your roof appeared to be billowing in places. The best recourse is to immediately contact your roof contractor for an assessment of any damage. A new roof can be affected by weather changes, construction, and faulty installation.

Manage Tree Growth

Not only can tree branches directly damage roofing material, they can also cause debris buildup and clogged drains, especially after windstorms. By keeping the landscape around your building in check, you can also help maintain your roof’s health.

Check on the State of Your Roof

Is your roof aging prematurely from factors you could be controlling? Has it sustained damage that’s quickly becoming worse, or does your roof have a long lifespan ahead? We’re experts in reroofing and new construction in a variety of materials for commercial roofs. Contact us for an estimate on roof repair, installation, or maintenance so you can add value to your commercial property.


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