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Featured Project: Chinook Installs Innovative Roof Drain on Historic Building

Posted on: September 25, 2014

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Roof drains recently installed by Chinook Roofing at Villa Costello Condos

This summer, Chinook Roofing had the privilege of completing a unique roofing job on a historical preservation project in Seattle’s Lower Queen Anne area. The project, which took place at the landmark Villa Costella Condos, was special because it gave us the opportunity to install a newly introduced roof drain as part of the job.

About the Project

Villa Costella

Historical marker on the Villa Costella project

The Villa Costella was originally built back in 1929, according to the Queen Anne Historical Society. Built in true Spanish Revival style, the building is a shining example of local efforts to preserve the history of the neighborhood. Because of the building’s historical significance, our team took great care not to damage the original, historical, Spanish tile façade/mansard. This was vital to preserving the building’s distinctive Spanish Eclectic design.

The project involved replacing the entire flat roof on both the main building of the condos and the carports with a Mulehide 60 Mil TPO roof membrane. The project itself was logistically challenging since the condos were occupied by owners and we needed to negotiate parking and crane loads. Since this was a very high-end property with discerning customers and expectations, our team also worked hard to keep the site clean for the duration of the project so that the condo owners were disturbed as little as possible.

An Innovative Roof Drain

Redline AFR roof drain

Redline AFR roof drain

Installing the new Redline AFR roof drain was a noteworthy part of the project for us because we always want to provide our customers with the most recently innovated products and procedures. This cutting-edge drain gives owners peace of mind because it prevents possible drain line blow outs.

When it rains very hard, typical roof drains can create a vortex/whirlpool that increases the pressure on the internal drain line. Our years in the roofing industry have taught us that what can look like a roof leak is actually a drain line that has failed, and they can fail pretty severely. With these new roof drains, failures like these don’t need to be a concern. The drain’s manufacturer, OMG Roofing Products, had the following to say about the product:

“In extreme rain events, a head of water can develop and create a pressurized flow in some roof drain fixtures, leading to failures in the building’s plumbing system. RedLine AFR’s design featuring the RedLine AFR Vortex Breaker has been tested for maximum allowable flow and to minimize the danger of creating pressurized flow. Studies by the American Society of Plumbing Engineers and the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials show that few drains on the market actually perform to specified flow rates. The RedLine AFR Roof Drain is designed to perform at specific GPM levels based on plumbing recommendations, and exceeds ANSI/SPRI RD1.”

Redline AFR roof drain

Up-close look at the Redline AFR roof drain

Customer Feedback

While we enjoyed rising to the challenge of this project, the best part of the job was the positive customer feedback that followed. We received this great review from the customer after the work was completed:

“Thank you, several owners have commented on how fast and tidy the crew was and when I am one block up I can see the entirety of the sparkling white roof and it looks great. You guys were a pleasure to work with.”

Check out our photo slideshow of this project in our commercial roof gallery.

About Chinook Roofing

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