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Commercial Roof Maintenance

Posted on: March 03, 2015

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When commercial roofs look like the pictures above, it’s time for maintenance and cleaning. Annual maintenance and inspections can help extend the life of your roof by monitoring for damage and leaks. Plus, most commercial properties need light maintenance and cleaning each year to maintain their warranty status. We’ve discussed before what it means to be a GAF Certified Maintenance Professional (CMP), but did you know that we can offer commercial property owners roof guarantee extensions if they book yearly maintenance with our company? Our commercial property owners benefit from a systematic maintenance inspection under our SEAL™ Maintenance Program.

SEAL Commercial Roof Maintenance

SEAL™ Commercial Roof Maintenance Program

As part of our SEAL™ Roof Maintenance Program, we use a special manufacturer approved set of steps to safely and effectively clean a commercial roof and begins with five main categories:

  • The Building’s Exterior – We check for signs of leaks/staining, and missing mortar along exterior walls and checking metal work/parapets.
  • The Interior of a Building – We look for leaks/deterioration along interior walls and ceilings and check the bottom side of the roof deck wherever available.
  • The Perimeter of the Roof – The base flashings, counter flashings, and fascia flashing/copings are checked for leaks/staining areas, missing mortar, lifted edges, term bars, debris build up and signs of movement that could affect the roofing system.
  • The Field of the Roof – We thoroughly check the field for excessive foot traffic, other trades damage, membrane overlaps and redistributes ballast (if necessary). Plus, we clear gutters, drains and downspouts, inspect coatings, strainers and clamping rings and look for oil deposits, surface contamination, soft areas, vandalism and any ponding water issues.
  • Penetrations – We check the HVAC units, duct work, and any accompanying electrical work, plus pitch pans, plumbing vents, positive flow vents and roof vents are inspected for excessive wear or defects.

Once the inspection is done, we prepare a report that provides the owner with pictures and clearly written details of findings, plus recommended repairs and any costs not covered under the standard maintenance and inspection program. So call (855) 424-4666 or contact us to today to discuss your options. Plus, as you can see from the after photos below, your roof will look much better once we’re done.

After 02After 01After Commercial Roof Maintenance


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