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Common Roofing Mistakes

Posted on: November 13, 2015

From big installations to small fixer-uppers, roofing mistakes are unfortunately all too common, especially among nonprofessionals. Even the smallest of mistakes can lead to costly problems—leaks, structural damage, and serious repairs. Some people may fix their roofs without any idea what the best practice is. In roofing, that’s a recipe for trouble.


Avoid damaging your roof, by understanding the biggest mistakes made when installing and repairing a roof.  Here is a list of the most common roofing mistakes that occur.

1.     Minimal nails

At least four nails per shingle should be used to ensure no sliding happens. Even more nails are required for different roofing materials, especially on a steep pitch.

2.     Poorly installed flashing

Roof “valleys” are areas in which the slopes of a roof meet, forming a downward path (valley) that directs rain to correctly run off the roof surface. Because valleys are most prone to leaks, flashing is installed in layers underneath the shingles. The direction flashing is laid down is important, and the U-shape edges should face inward towards the valley.

3.     Unaligned shingles

Each shingle must maintain a horizontal alignment to the roof surface and hang correctly next to one another in harmony. Poorly aligned shingles will lead to faster deterioration of the roof structure, and overall roof aesthetic will be sub-par.

4.     No moisture protection

Shingles aren’t the only component protecting a roof from the elements. In fact, what’s installed underneath the shingles is more important. A high-quality moisture barrier is a must.

5.     No drip edge

A drip edge is the small metal trim piece below the edge of the shingles that keeps out pests, water rot on wood shingles, and extra damage over the years.

6.     Lack of attic ventilation

Proper ventilation controls trapped heat. Too much heat or cold will lead to moisture collection in odd places, resulting in further repairs.


Get an Evaluation From An Authority on Roofing

If you suspect your roof may have one or more of these mistakes, contact our team for a consultation. Repair is more affordable than replacement, so act quickly. If you need a new roof and you want a Tacoma-area contractor who’s an expert in installation, from single-ply to composition, metal to cedar, our re-roofing professionals can talk you through any decisions. Call Chinook Roofing at 855-424-4666.


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