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Don’t Let April Showers Cause a Leaky Roof

Posted on: April 15, 2015

Leaky Roof

April Showers can also bring a leaky roof

As you enjoy the start of spring, don’t forget that the same rain making your yard vibrant can also cause major problems for your roof. While a few light rains aren’t dangerous, they can be on top of the wrong roof or without proper maintenance. Learn how to spot the signs of a leaky roof and what to do if one happens to your home.


Watch Out for Signs of a Leaky Roof

Water stains are a common sign of a leaky roof. Discoloration in the ceiling or walls typically means a leak, but not always. Ceiling stains can also signal a lack of ventilation, so it’s important to get a roofing evaluation to accurately pinpoint the cause of moisture.


Exterior damage can also indicate a leaky roof. If flashing or sealant around penetrations like roof vents becomes compromised, it can create small gaps that allow rain inside. When you have access to your roof during routine home maintenance like gutter cleaning, be on the lookout for edges that don’t meet and parts that look loose, discolored, worn, or misshapen.


Different roof types have different leak problems to watch out for. If your roof is a traditional composition, then issues like missing shingles could cause leaks. Single-ply (membrane) roof systems can experience leakage at their seams, especially if improperly installed. Metal roofs can be prone to leaks along seams or when panels become loose, so ensuring that panels are properly secured with the right fastener can be a leak preventative.


Investigate the Leak

Once you see either ceiling stains or actual dripping in a room, act quickly. The source of a leak can be difficult to locate and it not always above where a water stain appears. Water can travel along structural elements like rafters to different points before making its way to your ceiling or wall. Don’t assume that a leak’s origin is directly above drips.


If you want to look for the leak on your own, the attic is a great place to start. Use a flashlight to carefully inspect evidence like water marks or mold.


While there are ways to investigate a leaky roof on your own, including climbing up the roof to look for areas where water could enter, these methods can be dangerous or expensive if not done correctly. The safest, easiest way to seek help for a roof leak? Check with an expert who has the equipment to safely climb your roof and enter attic space to get a closer look without damaging the area.


If you want to look for the leak on your own, the attic is a great place to start. Use a flashlight to carefully inspect for evidence like water marks or mold. Just remember that a ventilation problem could also cause these symptoms, so before you make any repairs, consult a roofing professional to get to the heart of any underlying issues.


Don’t wait for a leaky roof to improve on its own—even if the rain stops. Chinook Roofing’s emergency repair services include stopping leaks, using roof pumps, and installing traps.


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