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Early Signs That Your Roof is Leaking

Posted on: August 18, 2016

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The roof is your home’s first line of defense against rain, wind, and snow. If your roof has a leak, it can no longer protect your home completely from water and debris. If the leak goes untreated, these elements could result in costly damages to your home.

You can avoid damages to your home by locating a leak sooner than later. The best method to find a roof leak is to schedule regular inspections for your roof by a roofing company. Leaks are frequently missed by untrained eyes because they are often small and discreet.

Fortunately, there are some early signs of a roof leak that you will be able to identify yourself. If you suspect your roof has a leak, look for the following signs.

Occasional Water Drips

Have you noticed water dripping from your ceiling or walls? Leaks in your roof may cause water to drip occasionally from these areas in your home. Water leaks from the roof are usually not constant; rather, they come and go. Seek professional help from a roofing company even if leaks appear to be going away.

Water Damage

Water stains vary in size, shape, and color. Some stains may appear on the ceiling in the shape of a puddle with discolored rings. Discoloration can appear in various hues, including yellow, gray, or brown. Some stains are more difficult to than others, such as stains in dark places and corners. Water damage may also cause paint to peel, drywall to warp, or ceilings to sag.

Although small stains may seem like a minor problem, they could potentially lead to a large hole in your roof and weakened walls or other fixtures.

As you look for the origin of a leak, keep in mind that water can run down and across walls and ceilings. Water may also follow exhaust vents or chimney edges on your ceiling as well. Remember that the place where you find water stains may not be the same place as where the water originated.

If you notice water stains, call a roofing technician to locate and repair any roof leaks.


Mold can be a sign of a leak in your roof. Some homes that have leaks near the attic or wall cavities may go undetected if they are out of sight. If a leak goes undetected, it could result in mold growth. Mold tends to grow in humid, warm climates.

Mold from a roof leak usually grows in small amounts. If the mold starts to grow behind a wall, it will eventually grow through to the other side of the wall and form small, visible spots. If you see mold spots appearing on the walls in your home, contact a professional immediately. Small spots are usually indications of larger mold growths within the walls.

Mold from a roof leak can also grow on exterior walls. If you have mold growing on an exterior wall, the moisture is typically coming from the gutter or downspout. These roofing components are meant to direct water away from your home. If you notice water damage on areas below gutters, you may need a roofer to repair a sagging or clogged gutter.

You may be also able to smell mold. If you can smell the mold stronger when the AC or heater is running, the mold could be growing near those units or the vents in your home.

Mold can also form on your roof. Although mold on your roof typically won’t impact the service life of your roof, it could cause slight damages.

If you notice one or more of these signs, call Chinook Roofing. A professional can help you locate and treat any leaks you might have. With the service of an expert, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your roof is sealed and free of leaks.

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