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Energy Savings and Air Quality Rise with Vented Skylights

Posted on: February 17, 2015

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The architecture experts at Building Envelope recently looked at a VELUX America 2014 study on vented skylights and energy performance that found skylights resulted in energy savings. Annual energy savings was only one of the many benefits of skylight installation, including improved lighting and air quality that could directly affect health.

Increased Energy Savings

As homeowners become more eco-friendly and energy conscious, they will appreciate how skylights take advantage of natural resources—sunlight and air flow—to enhance the indoors. Vented skylights open similar to windows, allowing air circulation. VELUX America’s study determined that vented skylight installation caused a yearly savings of between $17-35.

To obtain optimal skylight performance, however, Building Envelope noted that the location of the vented skylight was key to energy savings, in combination with other factors like temperature and “integral rain sensor control.”

Skylights and Health

Solar Powered Fresh Air Skylight

Energy savings are not the only benefits of skylights. According to Building Envelope, vented skylights also promote greater indoor air quality. What affects air quality? The CDC explains that bacteria, cleaning products, and even copy machines and printers can pollute indoor air. While the CDC emphasizes installing a quality HVAC system, they also warn that “HVAC systems alone can act as sources of pollutants” without needed monitoring and repairs. Installing a skylight adds another opportunity for fresh air inside the home.

Extra Benefits

Skylights can make a room or area aesthetically pleasing by causing it to feel larger and more open. Added natural light functions in more than one way. It provides a better environment for practicing indoor hobbies and also helps open up previously dark corners in rooms, making a spare upstairs bedroom more inviting for guests.

How could a skylight change your home? Which does your home need more of: natural light, better air quality, an improved aesthetic, or all? Chinook Roofing & Gutters can help you reach your home design goals with a new skylight. Take the first step and let us know which features are important to you so we can help find options that work.


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