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Does Your Home Have These Roof Repair Warning Signs?

Posted on: February 06, 2015

wens Corning Woodcrest Granite shingle

Evaluating shingle wear and protection around any openings, like this skylight,
is essential to checking for roof repairs

What sort of shape is your roof in? Take a moment to assess the condition of your shingles. If your home needs roof repair, take action right away by contacting a professional. If you aren’t sure of the condition of your roof, use these tips from the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) to determine whether it needs maintenance or even replacement.

1. Stripped Shingles

You might not easily notice shingle wear by looking at each tab, but an easy way to find out if your asphalt or fiberglass shingles are losing their protective exterior is to look for gutter build up, the NRCA advises. If you see a large amount of shingle coating or material in gutters, quickly schedule a repair consultation. When shingles are stripped of their exterior, your home can become exposed to ultraviolet rays and damage during storms, as the outer granules help tabs stay weighed down in windy weather.

If stripped shingles are a cause for repair, take the time to ask your roofing contractor whether a different type of shingle will last longer, and compare warranties. For example, if you opted for asphalt shingles last time, upgrading to composition roofing might add better value this time.

2. Warps, Bends, and Bubbles

Changes in shingle shape can mean roof repair is imminent. Are the shingles able to lay mostly flat? The NRCA cautions that “buckling, curling or blistering” are signs you need a new roof or replacement shingles.

After shingle strength becomes compromised, the roof can become susceptible to problems like leaks, as tabs stop providing proper coverage. Once a shingle begins to lose its shape, it is easier to replace it then closely monitor the roof for future damage.

3. Unsecured Areas

For proper protection and efficiency, your roof needs to be tightly sealed in all areas. If you notice areas around openings like vents that are no longer secure, immediately have your roofing contractor evaluate them. Unknown openings can affect ventilation and cause damage over time.

Evaluating for unsecured areas is an essential part of monitoring metal roofing, where individual shingle quality may appear perfect. Carefully look where seams meet and fasteners exist to determine maintenance needs. You can use similar tips to appraise single-ply roofing, looking for irregular areas, blisters, and other damage.

Skip the Steep Ladders

If you would rather avoid the potential hazards of assessing your roof, contact a professional. Let us know you want to schedule a free estimate, and we’ll respond quickly so you won’t need to spend time worrying about the condition of your roof. If you have assessed the roof on your own, you will still want to follow the NRCA’s suggestion to involve a roofing specialist in your next steps.


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