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Prevent Animal Infestation in Your Roof

Posted on: December 01, 2015


Most people love having animals in their home, except for the unwanted visitors like squirrels, rats, birds and raccoons. These animals like to find a safe hiding place and build nests in the attic or roof spaces of a home. Although these animals are safe, unfortunately our homes are not. Animal infestation causes major damage to our homes and also puts the people living there at risk. Once a house is infested, serious problems could arise such as damage to the roof, attic structure, electrical wiring, spreading of disease, and risk of fire. The best way to avoid any of these problems is to focus on prevention.

Preventing Infestations

Preventing a house from animal infestation is much easier and less costly than dealing with the problem when it has already taken place. The key to preventing infestation is to check all the typical points of entry where animals could possibly sneak in, since animals like to enter through damaged areas of the house where there are small holes. Some of the common trouble spots to check for gaps or openings include:

1.)     Fascia boards and soffit vents,

2.)     Exterior cladding and siding,

3.)     Gable vents and windows,

4.)     Ridge vents

5.)     Chimneys

Nests Can Cause Issues

Since animals often enter through openings in roofs or attics, checking the vents and the fascia boards is very important, because these are easy access points for them. The attic is a place that could be problematic because animals can tear up insulation and bite through electrical wiring which creates a major fire hazard.

Nests consist of dry material such as branches from trees and when they are combined with wiring can lead to a fire. Ventilation is another trouble spot because if there are cracks or holes, animals can make nests there that can block oxygen from entering the home and can therefore lead to carbon monoxide buildup. The chimney should be properly sealed as well and installing a chimney cap can be a good way to prevent birds from moving in and creating nests.

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