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Why Replace Your Commercial Roof Before Summer?

Posted on: May 11, 2016

Why Should You Replace Your Commercial Roof Before Summer?

Do you know when it is the perfect time to replace your commercial roof? Well we are here to say why the spring, just before summer, is the most optimal season to get your roof replaced.

Attention Your Roof Deserves

In the world of commercial roofing, seasons matter. While most contractors work year round, typically less roof replacements are scheduled in the cooler, unpredictable months such as, the winter and spring. Why should this matter to you? A lighter schedule for your contractor means they can give your roof the full attention it deserves.

Increased Productivity

It is no secret that summer is the hottest season of them all. Hot, unbearable weather can lead to decreased productivity and a slower work pace. Do not delay; get your commercial roof replaced before summer hits. Spring and early summer temperatures allow for a more comfortable roofing environment. Plus, your contractors will thank you!

Shorter Completion Time

Spring roofing jobs are more likely to result in a quicker job completion time due to off-season market conditions. For one, roofing contractors can focus. Less competition leads to a more cohesive job that directly impacts the duration of the project as a whole. This is in contrast to other seasons where multiple projects are unavoidably competing for time and attention.

Avoid Extreme Temperatures

Extreme temperatures in seasons like winter and summer can lead to insufficient roofing conditions for adhesives. Spring is an optimal season to replace your roof, because it allows for the adhesives used in roofing jobs to not be too hot or too cold.  Do not jeopardize the integrity of your new roof; get your commercial roof replaced before summer hits!


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