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Roof Repair and Maintenance: SEAL™ Out Seattle Rain

Posted on: March 10, 2015

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How well-sealed is your roof? (Owens Corning TruDefinition® Duration® in Harbor Blue)

How can you secure your Seattle-area roof against a wet winter and damp spring? The residential SEAL™ program is the answer to roof repair and maintenance so leaks won’t stand a chance.

Prevention can help you save on larger repairs or even a new roof later. also advocates for roof maintenance checks after storms so that any damage sustained does not worsen. They also point out that homeowners insurance claims related to weather typically run more than $7,000.

Roof Repair and Maintenance Go Hand-in-Hand

The terms sound different, but they’re really the same method working toward the same goal: to prolong the life and quality of your roof. Repair implies damage or wear that needs to be fixed, and maintenance calls for upkeep, but both are typically not an overhaul (installing a new roof), but rather a means to keeping the highest part of a home in tip-top shape.

Both traditional asphalt and single-ply TPO or PVC roofs can be repaired and cared for using the SEAL™ system, and we especially recommend it for flat roofs that can gather water.

Your Roof is More Than Shingles

Shingles are only one part of the equation, so the SEAL™ programs address all aspects of roof health and leak prevention. Flashing might need fixing or replacing, skylights must be properly sealed, plywood and fascia may require restoration, and chimney flashing needs to be evaluated. These aspects—and more—work together to provide a secure, attractive roof.

Rely on Records

Take the guesswork out of roof repair with proposals and before-and-after photos of completed repairs, so you don’t need to climb a ladder to know the state of your roof. SEAL™ technicians are trained and experienced in carefully assessing each roof with tools like a maintenance checklist.

These records are not just helpful for homeowners—property managers and real estate professionals might find them effective in assuring buyers and renters of a home’s roof quality.


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