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Roof Maintenance Programs Prove Less Expensive Than Commercial Roof Repair

Posted on: June 02, 2015

Roof maintenance program

How will your business’ roof hold up throughout weather conditions and time?

Many business owners know the importance of a commercial roof maintenance program, for safety, aesthetics, and operational efficiency. But did you know preventative maintenance can actually save money in the long run? Keeping your business’ roof in working order can also affect the bottom line, making a roof maintenance program a wise investment.

The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) points out that preventative maintenance could cost one-third of what repairs would total during a commercial roof’s lifespan. Roof repairs can be even more costly if they affect operations or shorten working hours. Small issues on a roofing system can amount to expensive problems when left unnoticed: if a vent or other penetration allows moisture to enter a roof, the resulting mold and damage to a building’s interior could add up quickly. This is why our preventative programs include extensive assessments of a roof’s interior, exterior, perimeter, field, and penetrations.

Create a Roof Maintenance Program Budget

GAF’s online roofing solutions manual (click link for pdf) attests to the importance of upkeep. They recommend factoring prevention in financially by setting aside at least $.05 per square foot per year for associated costs. For larger scale repairs or reroofing, GAF suggests budgeting $0.25 per square foot.

To get your whole team on board, GAF advises keeping records of collateral damage and expenses related to roof leaks, then presenting information on how previous commercial roof repair costs are greater than prevention.

Plan for Emergencies

Even if you’ve just installed a new roof, natural and accidental causes can occur at any time. In the Pacific Northwest, wind or rain can harm roofs depending on weather severity and the condition of the building. The Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety instructs that businesses should be proactive and evaluate a roofing system following severe windstorms to check for harm.

Rely on a Professional

Before assigning your roof maintenance program to internal team members, consider what it needs to be successful. Are the individuals responsible for monitoring the roof’s health well-versed in roofing? Professional contractors have seen damage in many situations firsthand and know what to look for beyond the surface signs. It can be simpler and more cost effective to outsource roofing repairs and prevention tasks when you know they’ll be completed correctly and quickly. Ask us about the programs we have in place to protect your business against pricey roof repairs.



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