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Roofing Contractor or DIY? 3 Factors to Consider

Posted on: December 18, 2014

Premium Blue Label Tapersawn shake roof

Premium Blue Label Tapersawn shake roof

At some point most homeowners will need a new roof and start weighing options for replacement. Reroofing can be more extensive than a simple room remodel, especially during harsh weather. Take a look at a few factors to building your own roof that are not always thought of before making a decision.

1. Extra Costs

Calculating the cost of shingles is only one financial factor. Roofing often requires an array of products and tools to complete the job. These items will be on hand or easily obtained by roofing contractors, but homeowners will need to allocate research, shopping time, and budgeting for materials like:

  • Ladders
  • Waste container rentals
  • Truck rentals or material delivery charges
  • Coatings, gutters, vents, and flashing

Roofing contractors will often have working relationships with vendors and local supply stores that can make acquiring resources easier and quicker than if you were to shop on your own. Unpredictable costs can crop up during the project that amount to unexpected charges: perhaps underlying damage shows a deeper problem than you first estimated. It is more convenient to hand these problems off to a professional than mitigate new issues.

2. Voided Warranties

Improperly install a roofing system or void the warranty with the wrong accessory and you may pay for any future repairs. Some errors are not under warranty: CertainTeed’s asphalt shingle warranty does not cover damage caused by mishandling or incorrectly storing shingles.

Roofing warranties are not always straightforward, so you will need to allot extra time to ensuring installation and maintenance does not breach the guarantee.

3. Detailed Research

Not only will you need to understand basic roofing techniques, but you’ll need to know the pros and cons of each, understanding manufacturer and style variations. Roofing contractors receive regular customer feedback on which roofs work well for their clients’ homes, but you’ll need to log time doing consumer research to gain that same information.

Sustainability is another important part of roofing. Many contractors are educated in lowering environmental impact and know which materials are less harmful to the natural environment. If you choose to DIY your roofing project, you will need to do additional research on which manufacturers and materials are the greenest.

Roofing projects can be lengthy, complex, and challenging. The benefits to working with a team are valuable—if you decide to partner with a roofing contractor, here are some guidelines for securing the right company for the job.


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