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UPS Student Housing Receives Reroofing Upgrade

Posted on: May 07, 2015

Chinook Roofing has had a longstanding relationship with the University of Puget Sound (UPS). We’ve been reroofing various campus buildings for years. One particular city block, N. Lawrence St, is entirely student housing. Over time, Chinook Roofing has been transforming the homes on Lawrence St by reroofing its classic homes. Called Theme House Row, this area of student housing extends from 11th-13th.

Lawrence St 11th and 13th Tacoma WA

The Theme House Row reroofing project winds along N. Lawrence St. near Tacoma’s University of Puget Sound

What is Reroofing?

Reroofing means either replacing an old roof with a new one, or making extensive repairs to a roof. It’s a much larger scale project, especially with multiple buildings, as the Theme House Row project includes.

Benefits of Commercial Reroofing

Reroofing UPS Theme House Row

Student housing gets a uniform, professional face after reroofing

Safety. Commercial reroofing ensures that roofs are in safe condition to withstand weather and keep those inside warm, comfortable, and healthy. Aside from weather or landscape-related damage, a poorly constructed or poorly ventilated roof could contribute to potentially dangerous issues like mold. For Theme House Row’s residential homes that make up UPS student housing, a new roof ensures that students enrolled at the university will enjoy a more comfortable living environment for years to come.

For warehouses, restaurants, industrial companies and other businesses, a functioning, reliable roof is a necessity. The cost and inconvenience of roof leaks and inadequate ventilation can affect business operations and increase operational costs.

Value. Not only can reroofing enhance a commercial building’s appearance, but it can also provide value for those leasing or using the space. Property managers and business owners may find that reroofing adds curb appeal. And if the building or home is being sold, purchasing owners will have the confidence of knowing they don’t need to experience the hassle of replacing a roof in the near future.

Appearance. It is not uncommon, especially in historic neighborhoods in areas like Tacoma and Seattle, for residential homes to serve as businesses. Because appearance is part of branding, restructuring the roof is part of the remodeling process. It provides an exterior refresh without taking away from a building’s unique look.

Do you own a commercial property that may need reroofing services? Let us guide you through the roofing process and your options. From choosing material types to planning the construction timeline, we can create a plan that fits your business and your reroofing needs. Get started with a free estimate.


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