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Even with today’s durable roofing materials, no residential roof can be neglected without risk of water infiltration or other problems. Regular roof maintenance can extend the life of your home’s roof. Tacoma roof maintenance is not all about dealing with rain, though.

Please consider all the ways Chinook Roofing can be your roof’s best friend.

Sheathing and Underlayment

The foundation layers of your Tacoma home’s roof are its sheathing (the laminated or pressboard wood) and the underlayment (the rolled felt or plastic that provides a water barrier). You cannot tell the condition of these two layers from the outside.

Our technicians can visit your Tacoma home, assess your entire roof from the inside out and give you realistic options on making small but necessary repairs. If your roof’s sheathing shows water stains, rot or black mold, we can recommend solutions.

Insulation and Ventilation

An adequately ventilated attic can add years of useful life to your roof. We can inspect and assess your attic insulation and measure airflow and attic temperatures. Your Tacoma home’s attic temperature should be the same as the outside temperature, which helps to keep roof tiles, shakes and shingles at their best.

Flashings, Gutters and Ridge Vents

The metal flashing, your homes gutters and the ridge vents all play important roles in helping your roof shed water and snow. Roof maintenance in Tacoma, WA, homes must include a close inspection and evaluation of these parts.

Flashing can dislodge, allowing water and air infiltration, especially around chimneys and in valleys. Gutters should not be burdened with roofing granules, a sure sign of roof deterioration. Downspouts should be clear to allow water to drain and move away from your home. Ridge vents should be clear and not compressed so attic air can exit as it heats.

Shingles, Shakes and Tiles

Whether your Tacoma home has fiberglass-asphalt shingles, concrete or clay tile, or cedar shakes, our technicians can inspect and clean your roof. We can check for needed minor repairs to perform, ensure no nail pops or loose shingles, and look for moss, algae and staining.

Energy Efficiency

With regular rooftop maintenance, your home’s energy efficiency improves. Your heating system does not lose heated air into the attic or through cracks. Your central air conditioner is not fighting against high humidity from water infiltration.

Contact Chinook Roofing today to arrange a visit and a free estimate on roof maintenance.

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