New Residential Construction

Throughout the Puget Sound area, Chinook Roofing is hard at work, teaming with trusted, national homebuilders to put up new residential construction and make dreams come true. Many national homebuilders are putting up beautiful, custom-built homes. Many homebuyers do not realize that the homebuilders with nationally recognized names depend on local talent for many aspects of these fine homes. At Chinook Roofing, we are proud to affiliate with these renowned national builders for residential roofing services from humble cottages to majestic mansions.

A typical fiberglass-asphalt shingle roof will stay water resistant for around 20 years. This means the best time to enjoy this practical, beautiful roofing is when a home is brand new. New construction roofing is where we at Chinook Roofing get to showcase our talents. Deep-cut architectural shingle roofing, dramatic designer series roofing and rainbows of colors can all act as regal crowns on the new residences rising throughout our area.


Today’s custom homes offer many challenges to builders and roofers alike. With homeowners seeking energy efficiency, innovation in high-tech building materials and stunning design, we at Chinook Roofing are constantly challenged to perform our best work on every job.

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